Pill Cutter

Other pill cutters constrain the pill in a way that can cause breakage when cutting.  Cut oval, round or rectangular shaped pills and vitamins with ease. The sharp thin blade is designed to slice pills rather than chop them, making for a nice clean cut every time.


The first layer, with a sharp blade, cut the nutritional pills into small, convenient, and easy to swallow. 
The second layer is divided into two small cells, which can be stored in different nutrition tablets. The two cells can be used to carry the ordinary capsules 5-8 granules. 
The third layer can be used as a water cup to facilitate the swallowing of nutrition tablets. 
The fourth layer, twisted back and forth, grinds the nutrients into powder. 

Product size: 64 X 50 X 40mm/2.52 X 1.97 X 1.57in  


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