Moon Gem Choker

Wear a little Moon Gem Choker around your neck to bring zen to your day. Choose from the following stones:

  • Obsidian (Black): Referred to as the stone of creativity, sandstone encourages focus, joy, and rejuvenation.  
  • Lapis Lazuli (Dark Blue): Activates wisdom, truth, and powerful communication. 
  • Amethyst (Purple): Protects you from any negative energy, soothes, and relaxes. It represents balance and healing.
  • Turquoise (Blue-Green): Stone of protection, power, and leadership. 
  • Opalite (White): Boosts creativity, confidence, and expression.
  • Aventurine (Green): Known as the luckiest crystal, green aventurine brings in prosperity, wealth, and abundance. 

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