McDodo Auto Disconnect Phone Charger

With its built-in smart-auto disconnect feature, the McDodo V2.0 protects your battery as it charges and ensures your phone is always charged ready to tackle on any heavy-duty use.


Chief scientists and researchers at the McDodo lab spent 12 months improving the first generation of chips with cutting edge human intelligence capabilities and gave us the updated McDodo V2.0.


Designed to out-perform the best in the market, the McDodo V2.0 is encased in a new ergonomic alloy shell and attached to Nylon Fabric Braids to create a highly durable, superior design that can bend at ease (say goodbye to broken cables).


The second generation charging cable not only automatically prevents overcharging, but also auto-charges after 2 hours of inactivity.


It comes with dual indicators that indicate whether your device is trickle charging or quick charging so you can instantly monitor what stage of charging your device is at.


Get rid of clunky cables that need replacing every 2 weeks, and invest in the McDodo V2.0 today.


Trust us, your phone will thank you.

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