Hip Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby comfy and securely is important, but unless you live in Venice Beach with the muscle men and women, it's nearly impossible to hold your cutie all day long. Fortunately for parents' arms, this Hip Baby Carrier prevents your arms from going limp like noodles. Instead of adjusting and readjusting your baby while they are on your hip, grab a stabilizing seat with plenty of storage space. The seat allows older tots to still be held even when they dislike the enclosed design of most infant carriers. Easily carry your sweetie with this Hip Baby Carrier.

  • 100% pure cotton
  • sleeping hood-100% pure cotton
  • protects your baby's sensitive/delicate skin
  • eco-friendly material


  • always support your baby's back or belly with your arms at all times
  • must wear Hip Baby Carrier on your waist above your hips
  • for better support, fasten your belt tightly while holding your breath
  • must support you baby's back or belly with your arm at all times
  • must click the buckle completely
  • baby needs to sit in the middle of the seat and let both legs hand down comfortably
  • consult your physician if you are pregnant before using your Hip Baby Carrier

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